EDCORE - SSG Linked Training Management System

Edcore integrates these functions and more:

Course Planning and Operations Control  
Teacher Attendance, Salary and Curriculum Management 
Online Examination and Quiz Module 
Full Inbuilt Invoicing Suite 
Online Payment Gateways 
Communications-Zoom,SMS,Whatsapp enabled  
Enquiry and Lead Management  
Embed enrolment portal into your domain 


EDCORE TMS is specially designed for the Singapore Training Provider and ATO requiring interface to the SSG TMS

Training Partner’s Gateway (TP Gateway)


The EDCORE TMS provides a one stop solution with:

  • Customized TMS and LMS portal with a CRM page tailored to your company branding
  • Authenticated login for administrators
  • Partner login and discounts administration
  • Administrative operations processing
  • Easily upload/download students and course runs data
  • Manager’s dashboard for revenue, performance analysis and schedule/calendar overview
  • Training location management
  • Trainer profile management and payout based on schedule
  • Invoice and Confirmation notes emailing (customized text for your customers)
  • Attendance sheet (printed or digital) 
  • Card printing for ISO-CR80 cards
  • PDF certificate emailing
  • Powerful LMS:
    • Course slides management for trainers
    • Content creation and editing
    • Easy access through any browser for all students
    • Data recorded for future use
    • edugame – Gameshow style quizzes
  • Data is encrypted and tracked within an easy to use portal designed with the training centre’s privacy and requirements in mind
  • SSG Funding auto calculation and grants supporting document uploading
  • Two way communication between TMS and TPG to allow seamless operations

EDCORE TMS empowers Accredited Training Organisations to streamline your processes while seamlessly maintaining compliance requirements with accrediting agencies like SkillsFuture Singapore.

EDCORE TMS was designed by our L&D team with over 20 years in the Singapore accredited training organisation and education industry, from the inception of the legacy Skillsconnect system and with a wealth of experience of training operations smoothly embedded in the system design.

Our customers say:

Thank you for all your help to make our admin operations work. Your system really helps us administration

Combined with the inbuilt invoicing system, our process is eased in a way that we never expected, coming from our previous TMS system which did not have all these features



Successfully synchronized with the
Training Partners Gateway APIs
15 mandated APIs and additional APIs for your operational efficiency

COurse run planning

  • Add/Edit course runs
  • Print Attendance Sheets
  • Display available courses on your website, directly connected to your Edcore portal


  • Add/Upload students in bulk and update to SSG with ease
  • Easily enter fees data for your internal invoicing process and update SSG when payments are complete
  • Send confirmation and invoicing emails by course batch
  • View invoicing history
  • Check receivables and send payment reminders
  • Print competency cards and certificates
  • Fee collection for Individual/Company with receipt printing/emails
  • Update partner discounts
  • User actions tracked and updated into system for future audit
  • Website enrolment with a holding list


  • Automatically verify funding amounts before invoicing your customers
  • Integrated with SFC Pay for ease of SFC submission


  • Attendance taking for your trainers to participate in the process, including clock-in/out for both students and trainers
  • Payslip generation for part time trainers
  • Evaluation marking by students via LMS
  • Upload student attendances to SSG


  • Mark competent students for certificate generation and TPG upload

Training Partners GATEWAY synchronisation

  • Manual upload by ATO TMS and/or daily auto-sync

SYstem Support

  • Office hour support via Whatsapp helpdesk/email


Some reviews from our esteemed customers:

“It really is more than just a connection to the Training Partners Gateway. It’s an actual Training Management System. Just weeks after onboarding, we found ourselves to have topped our competitors in the Google Ranking. That says alot about the complete and comprehensive design of EdcoreTMS.” – Centre Manager 

“After browsing through the many choices of TMS in the market, we settled on EdcoreTMS just for the fact that it is an end-to-end system, not just a basic tool to upload data to the SSG servers, but an actual software that we as training providers actually use to streamline our operations, from the enrolment, payments right to the certification for our customers. Thanks ATOMAXR and EdcoreTMS team!”- Administrations Supervisor

“My team found the TMS be easy to use and user friendly. Happy to be able to recommend it to other Training Partners who are looking for a useful and cost effective tool for their daily operations” – Program Manager

Your data is hosted on:

  • Private Domain with
    • Secure Socket Layer
    • Firewall
    • Data Encryption for PDPA control
    • Automatic Hourly Backup
    • Secured Storage
    • Encrypted NRICs for PDPA
    • 2FA login for access control
    • Logged interactions for site safety


This is part of the nation’s drive for SMART readiness and a holistic and robust training system.

Extract from SSG CIRCULAR/MIPD/2021/1:

Extension to Training Management System (TMS) Requirement Deadline
1.      To improve the productivity of Training Providers (TPs), the adoption of a Training Management System (TMS) by the TPs was identified as a key productivity enabler. On 13 July 2020, SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) announced that all-SSG funded TPs are required to adopt a TMS linked to SSG’s systems by 31 July 2020 to accelerate productivity improvement in the Training and Adult Education (TAE) sector. This will be achieved through the TPGateway portal and its integration with TMS used by training providers.
2.            To ensure training providers have sufficient time to adopt an integrated TMS, the deadline for this requirement will be extended to 31 December 2021.  The TMS requirement applies to all SSG-funded training providers except for (i) in-house approved training organisations, (ii) overseas massive open online course providers and (iii) government institutions offering only SkillsFuture Credit courses.
At a minimum, the TMS must integrate with 4 main areas
(Course Runs, Enrolments, Attendance, Assessments)
(EDCORE has been tested and approved for all 4 areas)

Simplify your workflow and focus on what matters- customer service and building your training business.

Contact us for this COMPREHENSIVE Training Management Solution on a subscription basis or through an Enterprise Singapore Grant

Pay only for what you use based on the number of students administered.

Contact us for a demonstration:

email: edcore@atomaxr.com

call : 68178072

Subscription Based Pricing

Suitable for various sizes of Singapore Training Providers
All TPs benefit from API synchronization with Training Partner Gateway (TPG)

Credit calculation: $5 per student


Optional Items(requires Edcore TMS)

  • SMS communication for class confirmation and marketing with your customers and students
    + $1,500 one time charge
    +Recurring SMS charges payable by training provider

  • Learning Management System functionality (integrated with students and trainers)
    + $1,800 per year (includes 1 GB storage space for media)
    Additional 1GB at $100 per year

  • Zoom integration for online classes (exam proctoring included)
    + $1,500 one time charge

  • Separate quotation based charges:
    • System alterations for custom process flows
    • Customized certificates and card designs
    • Other migration services (excluding import of CSV into EdcoreTMS)
    • API for other software